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Mitsubishi Starmex aircon review

I bought this design a year ago and very pleased from his performance including quick cooling and heating, the air is spread very well to all over the edges with the aid of two quiet engines which shift the vertical and horizontal vanes to all instructions occasionally.

We bought the house re-sale 6 years ago. Before he offered his house( to us!) prior owner installed a Mitsubishi aircon, he used it for 5 years. So,the Mitsubishi aircon in our house are at least 11 years-old.

But I could tell one thing.....it to you is damn soft cold, leh. And the energy costs damn bloody low.

This engineering helps me to stored energy prices and now I spend not as in comparison to the old style. When I run the air fan at minimum output it very difficult to listen to something and I could to enjoy from the silent computer without bothering from any disturbances. the chance to completely clean the fan and evaporator of indoor unit with vacuum each time I need it some thing very unusual on the market. And so the ac is stay for long haul clean a lot more than other versions which have no such option to clean quickly the lover. The lcd filters also help to neutralize bad odours and to collect dirt.

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